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The IBS Cyprus educational program offers in Cyprus the following professional Certificate of the American Bankers Association:

General Banking Certificate (BC)

A solid grounding in banking fundamentals is an indispensable element of professional success. The curriculum for this certificate centers on banking essentials, such as the role of banking in the economy and the purpose of specific banking functions. The complete understanding of the role of banks in national and international financial environments, as well as their effect on the formation of markets and economic changes form an indispensable part of this program. Participants will enrich and specialize their banking knowledge and experience and will acquire a splendid background towards achieving professional development. This certificate is ideal for all bank employees new and existing but also addresses the needs of High School or University graduates pursuing professional employment and development, in businesses and financial organizations as it provides a thorough understanding of the banking environment.

Code Course Duration (hours) Credits
Part A
101 Principles of Banking 45 3
103 General Accounting 45 3
533 Marketing 45 3
Part B
531 Money and Banking 45 3
532 Law Principles 45 3
536 Commercial Lending 45 3
537 Consumer Lending 45 3
655 Ethical Issues for Bankers 6 0.5
Total 321 21.5