Lifelong Learning Following the high-level education offered in the field of finance and in collaboration with the American Bankers Association we provide the Lifelong Learning - CPD seminars as from September 2013. The program is addressed to our graduates but also to all those working in the Financial sector or generally interested in Finance.

The aim of the program is the constant updating and training of the participants in whatever regards the operation and conduct of operations of financial institutions. Additionally, and when is deemed necessary, the seminars will be enriched with material related to the broader financial developments affecting our region.

Next Seminars' Topics - 2018
New aspects of the legal framework regarding the protection against Money Laundering
Seminar’s Dates: TBA
What changes with the implementation of the new data protection regime?
Seminar’s Dates: May (29, 30), June (05, 06, 13, 14)
The reforms enforced by the Parliament regarding the non-performing loans dated 13.07.2018
Seminar’s Dates: September (12, 18, 19), October (04, 11, 18)
Revised rules for payment services in the EU - Directive (EU) 2015/2366 on EU-wide payment services
Seminar’s Dates: TBA