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Foundation CPBA (First Update)

CPBA - Cyprus Professional Bankers Association is a body that is responsible:

  • for the continuous professional training of its members in Banking and Finance,
  • to promote the professional qualifications, they possess as well as
  • to provide to its members advisory services in facilitating to the better implementation of their banking tasks.

It will also interfere due its expertise with public opinions and suggestions for the good of the economy, the banks and their customers and in general for the benefit of all island’s residents.

Members of CPBA

CPBA Members are all holders of professional banking qualifications who are approved by the Board of CPBA to enroll in the Lifelong Learning Program - CPD of the American Bankers Association.


The provisional three-member Board of CPBA consists of the President Mrs Christiana Christofidou, the Vice-President Mr. Christodoulos Savva and the Secretary General of the ICBC (Institute of Certified Bankers Cyprus) Mr. Christodoulos Vassiliades. The provisional Board will convene a General Meeting as soon as possible in consideration of electing a permanent Board of Directors and approve its mission statement (statute).


The IBS (Institute of Banking Studies) Cyprus will contribute to the Fund of the Association the annual amount of €5 for each Member of the Association. The Board of CPBA will be responsible for the management of the Fund. IBS (Institute of Banking Studies) Cyprus will also undertake all operating costs and expenses for the establishment of CPBA.

Rights - Obligations

Each Member should act and behave on the basis of the CPBA Professional Code of Ethics. The Code should be signed and sent to IBS offices in Nicosia. Each member of the CPBA has the right to indicate on his business card the acronym ABA - CPBA.

More information will be provided after the first General Meeting and the adoption of the Statute of the CPBA.