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Attract New Students

Below you are given the information as well as the written agreement concerning the Project to Attract New Students in our Institute, by our Graduates, holders of the American Bankers Association Certificates.

The aim of the project, in addition to attracting new students, is the reward of our graduates who encourage new students to register and obtain a certificate from the American Bankers Association.

The remuneration for each new student is €300 and will be paid to our graduates as soon as the new student registers and pay at least one course lasting 45 hours of teaching.

All the details about the project and the agreement can be found on the link Project to Attract New Students (PDF).

For participation in the project you will need to complete and sign the agreement (with initialing on each page) in two copies. The agreement should be sent by post or delivered to the Secretariat of the Institute in Nicosia. Within two working days, one copy of the agreement will be returned signed by the Institute.


Effectiveness/Update of ABA Certificates

Attract New Students