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The American Bankers Association is the united voice of America's hometown bankers-small, regional and large banks that together employ more than 2 million people, hold more than $15 trillion in assets, safeguard $11 trillion in deposits and extend more than $8 trillion in loans.

Through a broad array of information, training, staff expertise and other resources, ABA supports America's hometown bankers as they perform their critical role as drivers of America's economic growth and job creation.

The Institute of Banking Studies (IBS Cyprus) is an organization providing professional training and education. It is largest authorized provider outside U.S. of the American’s Bankers Association educational programs.

They are professional certificates giving their holders the opportunity so as to seek employment and professional development, in businesses, banks and other financial institutions.

Beyond the international recognition, in Cyprus, they are recognized by all Businesses, Banks, the Central Bank and the Cooperative Central Bank.

KY.S.A.T.S. evaluates only academic degrees. ABA qualifications are professional degrees similar to Certified Accountants - ACCA, Chartered Accounts - CIA, CFA, etc. thus they cannot be evaluated by KY.S.A.T.S.

No sponsorship is granted by the government. At present, government sponsorships are only provided for academic studies.

Scholarships are awarded to secondary education graduates with excellent performance provided they fulfil some additional conditions and in particular cases which are being examined separately by the Institute. For more information you can contact the Secretariat of the Institute.

Briefly, we outline some of the advantages offered by pursuing IBS certificates: low cost, broad knowledge, short duration of studies, teaching and assessment in Greek or English, high-level professional diplomas recognised in Cyprus and abroad, morning and afternoon classes, capability of attending lectures through the Internet.

You will get a professional certificate, internationally recognized that provides employment prospects at banks and businesses in Cyprus and abroad.

You must fill in the Application for Admission, which can be downloaded from our website and send it to the Institute together with the all relevant documents (applications are accepted throughout the year).

A semester has 4 months. There are 2 semesters:

  • Fall (September-January)
  • Spring (March-June)

The certificates have a minimum duration of one year. That period may be extended depending on the courses someone is registered/completed in each semester.

The classes held once a week and the duration of each class is 3 hours. The only exception is the course "Ethical Issues for Bankers", which is offered only for one day and the duration is 6 hours.

Classes are offered in morning and afternoon hours.

The courses are delivered and evaluated mainly in Greek. If there are a sufficient number of students, distinct classes for delivery of specific courses in English as well may be facilitated.

The books offered for each course are in English, while for each course additional notes in Greek are provided. In the case a student needs a Greek book then he/she can buy an earlier version of the book from the Institute.

A student has the option to be examined either in Greek or in English.

Admission Applications are accepted throughout the year. Registration to specific courses can be made up to one week before the initiation of the classes.

Yes, you can attend the lectures live from your home through the Webex platform. The lectures of the course are not recorded so watching a lecture-video at a later stage is not possible.

Upon successful completion of a course a certification of attendance is awarded by ABA.

Yes we do. The Institute, through the relationship that has developed with a number of large companies and banks, contributes whenever feasible, in the effort of our graduates to find work.

Among other, at the end of each semester a list with our graduates is sent to the above mentioned companies and banks.

The Institute of Certified Bankers Cyprus (ICBC) has been established according to the standards of ICB - Institute of Certified Bankers of the American Bankers Association (ICBS - ABA) and all the teaching material relies exclusively on the material used by the American Bankers Association. The program is carried out by PhD holders, experts in the area of finance/economics.

The objective of the Institute of Certified Bankers Cyprus (ICBC) is to educate, train and certify professional bankers, who will provide high level financial services not only locally but also in the international banking system.

It’s mainly addresses the needs of those interested in having a career in Banks or financial institutions without excluding those interested for the wider business world. In addition to the specialized Banking courses, other high-level courses are offered such as accounting, economics, law and marketing.

Upon successful completion of the training program, each participant will become a member of the Institute of Certified Bankers Cyprus (ICBC) and awarded the professional title of Certified Banker.