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Consumer Lending

Duration: 39 hours    Credits: 3


Provides the tools for recognizing the different types of personal loans and explains how to apply the required steps of the lending process, a process which begins with the loan interview and ends up with the perfection of security documentation. Explains the great importance of loan pricing and how this is adjusted according to the risk involved. Explains also the importance of maintaining good relations with customers and teaches new lending techniques. In addition, it provides an inside on the legislation which governs consumer lending. Following the recent adverse effects in the Cyprus economy the course emphasizes also the need for restructuring of existing loans, of which the repayment cannot continue as is, and the several requirements imposed by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Know the legislation which governs consumer lending
  • Promote the granting of personal loans through effective marketing
  • Know sources for obtaining credit information and customers' credit classification
  • Apply the 5C's of credit when assessing credit applications
  • Know the different types of security documents governing personal loans
  • Recognize causes of problematic loans, recovery stages, and ways to handle such situations
  • Know how to restructure existing loans
  • Know the presently imposed requirements by the Central Bank of Cyprus.