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Commercial Lending

Duration: 39 hours    Credits: 3


This course provides the knowledge and skills required to identify the credit needs of various types of business customers and to sell a 'total banking' relationship. It also prepares participants to assess the customer’s credit worthiness by examining income statements and balance sheets. The course covers both the technical side of commercial lending and the interpersonal skills required to be a successful loan officer. It covers the total lending process from loan interviewing and credit investigation to problem loan resolution and loan monitoring. Following the recent adverse effects in the Cyprus economy the course emphasizes also the need for restructuring of existing loans, of which the repayment cannot continue as is, and the several requirements imposed by the Central Bank of Cyprus.

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the key elements of a loan interview and credit investigation
  • Describe the 'cash-flow cycle' of various types of businesses
  • Explain the relationship between loan structuring and business type
  • Complete a basic income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement analysis
  • Describe the documentation and procedures required for perfection of a loan
  • Identify the common warning signs of problem loans
  • Know how to restructure existing loans
  • Know the presently imposed requirements by the Central Bank of Cyprus.