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Conditions for joining the educational program of ICBC

The following are prerequisites for anyone interested to join the educational program of ICBC:

  • Hold a professional certificate of ABA or any other equivalent diploma.
  • Is registered and attending the Lifelong Learning Seminars of ABA.

Certified Banker title and ICBC membership

Upon successful completion of the educational program of ICBC, graduates have the right to become members of the Institute of Certified Bankers Cyprus (ICBC). After signing the ICBC Professional Code of Ethics Statement, each candidate is awarded the title of Certified Banker. In order to retain the title and due to constant update relevant to banking developments, a Certified Banker (CB) should continue participating to the Lifelong Learning seminars of ABA.

Last date of registration

Applications for admission by new candidates are only accepted during the Fall semester and as a last date for registration has been determined the 31st of July.

Courses' Assessment

Each course’s assessment will be based on written assignments submitted at the end of each semester. For each course a written assignment of approximately 2,500 words should be delivered. By the successful completion of the program’s courses, students obtain the professional Bank Financial Management Certificate.

Topics of assignments

The topics will be given to the students two weeks after the initiation of each course.

Delivery of assignments

All paparticipants are required to deliver their work within two weeks after the end of the course.

Assessment to obtain the professional title of Certified Banker

Assessment Process

To obtain the professional title of Certified Banker, provided that the Bank Financial Management Certificate of ABA is successfully completed, students are required to undertake the Final Examination of the ICBC program, which will be entirely consisted of multiple-choice questions.

Obtaining the title of Certified Banker (CBC)

Provided that the achieved grade in the Final Examination is greater or equal to 60% candidates are awarded the title of Certified Banker bearing the acronym CBC.

Candidates not working in a Financial Institution are awarded the title of Associate Certified Banker. By their admission/recruitment into any financial institution and after three years' of employment, they awarded the title of Certified Banker.

Failure to obtain the professional title of Certified Banker

Assessment with a score of less than 60% results in the failure to obtain the title of Certified Banker. In such cases the candidates are entitled to repeat Final Examination for two more times (total three times).

Final Examination with multiple-choice questions

The exact date/time of the Final Examination is determined by the ICBC and communicated promptly to the candidates. The material used for the multiple-choice examination is based on the curriculum of all courses of the Bank Financial Management diploma.

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